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These policies may be confusing, so please feel free to contact Frank Kolligian (Studio   Text: 919-274-7925) with any questions or concerns.

Security System   

A video security system has been installed in all studios for dancers and community safety.  It will also be utilized to verify class size.


Non-Refundable Deposits

Due to a high number of "no-shows", we now require a deposit to reserve studio space for workshop, parties or special events.

·         The non-refundable deposit for weekend, workshop, parties or special events is $50.

·         This non-refundable deposit goes toward the rental rate.

Party/Special Events Rates

Parties:  Birthday, Showers, Anniversaries, etc


·         $75/hour studio rental

·         $50 clean-up fees (We mop all floors after any parties with food or drink)

·         $50 for table and chairs setup

·         $100 security deposit which is refundable if room is not left in a mess

Class/Workshop Rental Rates

·         Monday-Friday evening rental (beginning at 6:00 pm) is our premium time. Therefore, requests of 2 or more hours take precedence.   

    • 2-hour minimum for Studio 4 is                                    $30/hr
    • 2-hour minimum for Upstairs/Downstairs, Studio 5 is   $35/hr
    • 2-hour minimum for Back studio is                               $40/hr

If renters do not meet the 2-hour minimum for Monday-Friday evenings, renting is still possible if available - but talk to Frank Kolligian (Studio Manager)


Private Room Rates


Privates/Practice         1-2 people       $20/hr (if not used on a regular basis)

Privates/Practice         1-2 people       $15/hr (if used regularly)


Group Rates

Rates for All Studios Before 6:00 pm Monday-Friday (Weekends NOT INCLUDED)

·         Any studio                   $25/hr


Room Rates for group classes Monday-Friday evenings & Weekends

·         Studio 4

o   > 20 people                       $35/hr

o   >10 people                        $30/hr

o   <10 people                        $25/hr


·         Upstairs/Downstairs, Studio 5

o   > 40 people                       $50/hr

o   >10 people                        $40/hr

o   <10 people                        $35/hr


·         Backstudio

o   > 65 people                 $70/hr

o   > 50 people                 $60/hr

o   >25 people                  $50/hr

o   >10 people                  $40/hr

o   <10 people                  $35/hr


Room Rates for Workshops and Events for extended/several hours

Contact us for special rates for events that are several hours in length.



If renters on a monthly pay schedule do not pay by 5th of each month

·         Will risk being removed from the next month’s calendar and lose their space

Cancellation Policies


Cancelation Policy: Due to studio time becoming busier, we are now implementing a cancellation policy. You are allowed 3 cancellations per year with at least 24 hours’ notice.

If no notice is given, there is a $25 charge.  After your three given cancellations, you will be charged $25 per scheduled session. If given enough noticed and we can get the room booked, there will be no charge. 


Due to the nature of last-minute notifications from students taking privates, there will be no penalty charge. But notification is required so that the calendar can be updated.

You will not be charged for any cancellations due to weather related conditions.